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Marcus Sedberry

The pursuit of perfection should be a lifestyle, for in our failure of perfection, excellence exists.

Don’t wait until you go to sleep to dream, you might miss an opportunity to act because you were snoozing!

Don’t lose sight of who you are by focusing on the people you aren’t.

Meet Marcus

Marcus Sedberry

Marcus R. Sedberry has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations maximize their potential. As a sport professional, life skills trainer, leadership consultant, educator, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, he aims to use purpose and passion to fuel his nearing decade of experience.

Born in Greenville, Texas, Sedberry graduated from David W. Carter High School in Dallas, Texas, before receiving an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Nebraska. Due to a career ending injury, Sedberry was forced to confront the fears of failure and embrace the experiences of life. The trying times following his injury proved to be instrumental in redefining and identifying the values that matter the most in life. While many would have conceded defeat, Sedberry channeled energy once spent on pursuing athletic dreams to pursuing God’s purpose for his existence. Every day he strives to positively impact the space he occupies and the people he shares it with.

Sedberry has focused his professional experience on the personal and professional holistic development of professional and collegiate athletes, before, during, and after their player career. He has held full time positions with the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of Arkansas, and most recently he served on the football operations staff as the Director of Player Engagement for the Philadelphia Eagles.  

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Vessel Life Foundation

The mission of Vessel Life Foundation is to inspire lives for positive change! Our goal is to reach, encourage, impact, and reinforce tomorrows leaders through life skill development programs.

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Team Inspire Group

Team iNSPiRE Group, LLC specializes in leadership coaching, consulting, and inspirational products targeted toward leaders and organizations seeking to elevate performance. Our solution based development is designed to help people and organizations receive maximum results.

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"BE YOU! is an introspective GPS that guides you in the pursuit of self-actualization or being all that you can be..."

Dr. Bill Sutton, Director
University of South Florida Sport and Entertainment

"BE YOU! is a must have for any personal library. It is a re-invigorating, revitalizing, reassuring tool that not only inspires but challenges you to become your Best YOU!"

Shannon Teamer, Director
Creighton University TRiO Programs

Be You! The Book

Be You!

10 Essential Qualities to Becoming An Exceptional You!

By: Marcus Sedberry

Special Acknowledgements

PUBLICIST: Tai Burleson, CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Dr. William A. “Bill” Sutton, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Andrew Gavin, EDITORS: Jessica Duffaut, and Catherine “KT” Lahey, GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jeremane Blackwood, YOU! My Wonderful supporters!
Be you! 10 Essential Qualities to Becoming an Exceptional You
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You are amazing! You are destined for greatness! You are the best! But, are you the best you, you can possibly be?

BE YOU! is a book written to inspire and equip readers to pursue their purpose and passion in life. Everyone has the potential for greatness. It was deposited in us before we were born. Unfortunately, few people are encouraged to tap into their greatness and few people are encouraged to pursue their personal definition of success.

BE YOU! is a motivational, how to book that teaches readers ways to focus their lives in order to maximize the potential that each of us hold within us.  It was written to offer an outlet for those who are searching to truly be themselves.  While some people are seeking to find themselves, others simply yearn for ways to better themselves or their current situation.

In BE YOU!, Marcus R. Sedberry encourages us to set and achieve expectations of excellence. He asks the tough questions and challenges readers to not only be themselves, but to accept nothing less than their best self!  BE YOU! is simple, powerful, easily relatable, direct, and REAL!  Join the BE YOU! Movement!